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Bengal: the characteristics of the leopard cat

Bengal: the characteristics of the leopard cat

The Bengal cat owes its name to its wild ancestor, Felis Bengalensis.
The Bengal is a hybrid breed, born from the cross, created by geneticist Jean Mill, between a domestic cat and an Asian leopard cat. After a few years, it was, again, created by an experiment by Dr. Centerwall, who in 1973 attempted to study feline leukemia in cats.
It is a recent breed, as official recognition only occurred in 1991. Today it is very widespread in the United Kingdom.

Physical characteristics

The Bengal cat has robust and slender muscles. The male can weigh up to 7 kg, while the female usually does not exceed 5 kg.
The head is small and triangular, with pronounced whiskers, round eyes and a very elongated nose, while the tail is rather tapered.
The great peculiarity of the Bengal lies precisely in its coat, which is short and thick, covered with numerous spots of different colours, which make it look very similar to a leopard.


The Bengal cat certainly does not go unnoticed for its beauty, but let's get to know its character better!
Given its wild origins, the Bengal cat has maintained its exuberant and lively nature.
He is, in fact, a very curious cat, who loves to run, jump and hunt.
Given his hyperactivity it is necessary to offer him a space, possibly open, where he can vent his great energies.
Being very playful, he loves interacting with children and other animals.
They are also great talkers, in fact, you can hear them meowing very frequently and they also have a great variety of sounds.
Intelligence and mental activation games are much appreciated by this breed.
What distinguishes him is certainly his great passion for water!


The Bengal cat does not require particular care regarding grooming, other than a few brushes.
No hereditary defects or diseases have yet been detected, but the best way to protect your cat's health is to first choose quality foods and have them treated by a vet. As regards nutrition, it is important to offer this breed an adequate amount, as it tends to have a somewhat delicate stomach.
For example, we recommend N&D Prime dry food with chicken and pomegranate for adult cats.
Being a very active cat, in addition to absolutely needing space to move, he also needs an owner with whom he can interact and play.

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