Croquettes for dogs: everything you need to know

Crocchette per cani: tutto ciò che c'è da sapere - Respet Shop
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When adopting a dog it is essential to carefully research the most suitable and balanced diet to follow. The quality of the ingredients and the right caloric intake are fundamental for your well-being.
The right diet must be established on the basis of various factors: age, sex, physical condition, size, health problems...
We absolutely must not overlook the repercussions that an incorrect diet can have on your dog's health.
Dog food is generally distinguished on the basis of the percentage of humidity contained within the food in:
  • dry food
  • wet food

Based on the dog's habits and needs, you can opt for a mixed diet or an exclusive diet, only dry or only wet.
Today we will deal with the category of dry food, which includes all those foods with a humidity equal to or lower than 14%.

Dry Food - everything you need to know

Dry dog ​​food is generally kibble. The variety of dog kibble on the market is now very vast:
- for puppies or adults;
-for sterilized dogs;
- for small, medium or large dogs;
- gluten free…
Each type of product is designed to meet all the needs that every dog ​​may need.

How to choose kibbles

Food for your 4-legged friend is definitely not something to save on, so the first piece of advice is not to choose the product based on price.
When you choose to provide industrial-type nutrition to your dog and you have to decide which dry food to buy, it is important to start from your dog's needs.
If you are still undecided whether to choose between industrial and homemade food for your dog, also read our article: instructions for mouth-watering meals.
To do a good job selecting the right food you will need to take into account:

  • of age, choosing between puppy or adult kibble ;
  • of the size;
  • any particular needs of the dog.

On our site you will find many search filters with all the main physical and/or pathological characteristics, to allow you to immediately find the right food for your dog. Do you want to try? Follow the link

To find the right food it is also important to check the nutritional values ​​of the product, indicated on the label on the back of the package.
Labels that contain a lot of information about kibble are not always easy to read, so it is important to learn how to read them.
First of all, when consulting the ingredients you must take into consideration that in the list the individual raw materials are listed in decreasing quantitative order. It is important to choose products with quality ingredients and carefully read the percentages contained.
It is essential that, instead of cereals, animal proteins are present in the first places, the main source of nutrition, rich in proteins. Meat must come first, as it is the dog's main source of nourishment, clearly being a carnivore, but also because it is more easily assimilated by the body. Fish is also an excellent ingredient to choose, rich in omega 3 and antioxidants, also excellent for the well-being of the hair. Products with preservatives, thickeners, additives and artificial flavors should certainly be avoided.


The quantity of kibble to be given to the dog is absolutely not a negligible detail . Indeed, it is essential to identify the right amount our 4-legged friend needs. Even if the quality of the product is excellent, an incorrect intake, whether in excess or in deficiency, could cause serious imbalances in the dog, from obesity to malnutrition.
The packaging of higher quality products often indicates the necessary quantity, based on weight, which together with the indications of your veterinarian, can help in choosing the right food intake.

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