The American Bulldog: all the curiosities about this particular breed

Il Bulldog Americano: tutte le curiosità su questa particolare razza - Respet Shop
Maria Monster

The American Bulldog is a molossoid dog breed, native to the United States, selected by breeders John D. Johnson and Allen Scott.
Currently, however, neither FCI (International Cynotechnics Federation) nor ENCI (Italian national dog breeding body) recognize the breed, therefore there is no official standard. Despite this, it is possible to find four types of this breed: the Bully, the Scott, the Painter and the Hybrid.

Physical characteristics

  • It is a medium-sized dog, with a solid, muscular build, but at the same time also agile.

  • The head is large with a flat forehead, while the ears are of medium size.

  • Males are 58 to 69 cm tall with a weight between 40 and 55 kg, while females are between 53 and 63 cm, weighing between 32 and 45 kg. 

  • The fur is short and can be various shades of white, or piebald with brown and black spots.

  • It tends to shed a lot of hair, so it is important to brush it frequently.

  • The average lifespan is 10-15 years and the most frequent diseases for this breed are: respiratory problems, hip dysplasia, allergies and ichthyosis.


The American Bulldog is a very intelligent dog, capable of learning many things quickly and is very playful.

Being a molossoid, it is important to pay attention to education; it could, in fact, easily take over the owner. It is therefore recommended to contact a dog trainer to better understand how to relate to the Bulldog.

He is a dog who loves to be in the company of his family, faithful and very protective, he does not cope well with solitude. It can also be kept in an apartment, as long as it is often taken to open spaces, where it can let off steam and relax.

Despite his very affectionate character, he can be rather suspicious and fearful with strangers. He can get along well with children, always supervised by an adult, while with other dogs the relationship could be more difficult.

He is not recommended as a first dog, due to his stubborn and lively character. It is preferable to choose it if you already have experience with other dogs and if you have a lot of time to dedicate to it.


The American Bulldog tends to be very greedy, so it is important to be careful to ration meals correctly and provide a balanced diet.
For puppies, 3-4 meals a day are recommended, while for adults 1-2 meals a day are recommended, for a total of approximately 400-500 grams of food per day.
Choosing the right food for your Bulldog is very important from several points of view.
For example, we can recommend N&D Pumpkin dry food with pumpkin, lamb and blueberry, perfect for medium and large dogs.
The Bulldog's diet affects its muscle tone, energy and joint resistance, a sore point for this breed.
Now all you have to do is rush and adopt your American Bulldog! Your dedication will be rewarded with affection!
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