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The litter box: how to educate your cat

The litter box: how to educate your cat

The litter box, above all, for those who live in an apartment, is an indispensable tool when choosing to adopt a cat and it is essential to teach them to use it correctly.
Sometimes the goal is not so easy to achieve, but with a little patience and following some precautions, even the most reluctant cat will learn to do its business in the litter box.

The advices

  • It is important to educate the cat right away. The sooner you teach your cat to use the litter box the easier it will become a routine.

  • Have patience: every cat has its own times. Especially if the cat has previously been left free to do its business elsewhere, it is likely that getting used to this new practice will take some time.

  • Purchase a spacious litter box, so that the cat feels free to move around inside.

  • Carefully choose the place where to place the litter box. It is important that the litter box is in a place clearly visible to the feline and easily accessible. You can also choose to place more than one inside the house. The important thing is that it is not in a place that is too noisy or crowded, so that the cat feels comfortable.

  • Avoid moving the litter box. Once you have decided on a place, it is best to leave the litter box there. To prevent the cat from feeling disoriented in relation to where it needs to do its business.

  • Keep the litter clean, it is good to change it often. The cat is an animal with a great sense of cleanliness.

  • Choose a quality sand. It is preferable to opt for a product without perfumes and which does not produce excessive dust, so that the kitten does not breathe it.

  • For the first few times, put the cat in the litter box so that he can explore it and remind him to do his business there.

  • Don't change sand often. When the cat has become accustomed to one type of litter and seems to be comfortable with it, it is best not to change brand or type.

  • Reward him when he uses the litter box. Unlike punishing him when he doesn't do his business in the litter box, which leads to him developing a sense of fear towards you, it is good to reward him when he goes to the litter box, so that he associates it with a pleasant thing.

Which litter box to choose?

There are two main types of litter:
  • The closed litter box: in addition to the tray where the sand is inserted, it has a lid to close it and a small door into which the cat can fit. For many cats it can be a place where they feel more safe. Furthermore, it retains bad odors
  • The open litter box: consists exclusively of the tray and may be more suitable for cats who may feel trapped in the closed one.

Which sand to choose?

There are now many types of litter on the market and as previously mentioned, this element can also influence the cat's use of the litter.
It is necessary to understand which one is most suitable for our feline.
The main types of sand on the market are:
  • Non-clumping litter: composed of clay, which absorbs liquids uniformly over the entire surface.

  • Clumping litter: mainly composed of bentonite, which forms clumps when it comes into contact with liquids.

  • Silicon cat litter: composed of silicon crystals, which have great absorbent power.

  • Vegetable litter: made with waste biodegradable organic materials, they can also be thrown into the toilet.

What is the best litter box? It is important to choose a litter box that contains good materials, but the choice of litter must be made, above all, based on the tastes and habits of your cat!

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