Lots of people on the street for the holidays = Dog on a leash - What does the law say?

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Every dog ​​of any breed or size loves and needs to go for walks, but during this holiday season, people are pouring into the streets and the usual walk with the dog can become more complicated.

Taking your dog out, allowing him to explore the environment around him, socialize with other dogs and stay active are all elements that benefit your puppy's physical and mental well-being.

If taking our dog out is important, it is equally important to understand how to take him out, especially in crowded areas.

How to behave?

Even when it comes to walks, each dog has its own needs and it is essential to take them into consideration and adjust them based on your dog.

Now let's look at some general advice for pleasant outings for dog and owner:

  • Go out often: even if your dog has some difficulties or is of an advanced age, it is good to go out often, even for a short time.
  • Let him sniff: it is very important to let him smell everything around him, it is his way of exploring the environment and getting to know it.
  • Go to different places: it is good to change walking routes often, in order to give our four-legged friend new stimuli.
  • Socialize him: it is very important during walks to let your puppy get close to other dogs. This allows him to gain confidence in himself and in others, as well as certainly making him have a lot of fun.
  • Leave him free: especially if you have a dog area available, it is a good idea to leave your dog off the leash for a few minutes, to let him fully vent his energies.

What does the law say?

Many of you will surely have wondered if a leash is mandatory when walking with your four-legged friend.

There is no law that requires a leash for walking dogs, but the obligation can be deduced from a series of provisions. First the law, art. 672 criminal code; art. 2052 cc, the owner of a dog is responsible for its well-being; of the control and management of your animal and is liable for damage or injury to people, other animals and things caused by the animal itself, even if it was lost or escaped, unless it is possible to prove fortuitous circumstances, such as an unforeseen event , unpredictable and inevitable.

Anyone who leaves dangerous animals free, or does not keep them with due caution or entrusts their custody to an unsuitable person (such as children or people incapable of managing the dog) risks an administrative fine of between 25 and 258 euros.

Furthermore, the ministerial ordinance concerning the protection of public safety from dog aggression establishes that in urban areas and in places open to the public, the dog must be led on a leash no longer than 1.50 metres.

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