Dogs and cats in condominiums: rules and precautions to follow

Cani e gatti in condominio: regole e accortezze da seguire - Respet Shop
Maria Monster

There are more and more people who, living in an apartment, choose to adopt a four-legged friend, but before doing so it is necessary to find out about the rules to follow within the condominium.

Starting from the assumption that, as established by article 1138 of the Civil Code, no condominium can prohibit the presence of pets, it is best to read the condominium rules carefully, especially with regard to the common areas.

It is clear that, as in any other environment, the owner is solely responsible for the animal and is criminally and financially liable.

In fact, the condominium can request the expulsion of the pet only in specific circumstances, such as lack of hygiene or pathologies of the animal, which must be documented by ASL or veterinarians.

If the owner has the right to keep his pets in the apartment, however, he also has the duty to register them at the canine registry, as regards dogs and to be up to date with vaccinations, as regards both dogs and cats.

Common areas

Therefore, being able to live in the apartment without problems, the pet cannot even be prohibited from accessing the common areas. However, some precautions are necessary:

  • Keep your dog on a leash when in the elevator and in common areas
  • Wear a muzzle and use it if necessary
  • Always collect needs
  • Clean carefully if the dog has made a mess
  • Pay attention to odors


Even inside your own apartment it is necessary to respect some rules to have good coexistence with your neighbors.

  • Take your dog out often
  • Don't leave your dog alone for many hours


Among the thorniest topics on the agenda in discussions between condominium owners is certainly dog ​​barking.

As also stated by the Court of Cassation, barking is a right for dogs, as well as being its main form of expression. However, it must be the owner's responsibility to check and evaluate whether the dog's barking could disturb the neighbors, for example in cases where it barks at night, or for a prolonged period of time. It is therefore necessary to distinguish between normal noise and public nuisance.

In conclusion, even in the management of pets in condominiums, for good coexistence it is essential to respect the law, the condominium regulations, but above all the use of common sense by all parties involved.

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