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Dog license: everything you need to know

Dog license: everything you need to know

When you choose to adopt a dog you take on the great responsibility of educating it and teaching it how to behave in different situations.

What is a dog license?

The dog license is a document that is issued to dog owners who attend a special course, with the aim of being responsible owners. The course is focused precisely on knowing the dog and teaching the right behaviors to maintain, to establish a good relationship and impart correct education to the dog.

Until 2009, according to the provisions of the "Protection of public safety from dog aggression" ordinance, some dog breeds were considered dangerous and were therefore required to wear a muzzle in public places.

Today, however, the provisions for breeds considered dangerous have changed. Only in the case of subjects with an aggressive nature, regardless of breed, is an attempt to teach correct behavior to owner and dog. This is exactly what the dog license is for. In the event that a veterinary doctor, sometimes together with a veterinary behavioral expert, establishes that the dog has aggressive behavior, it is mandatory for the owner to obtain a license; while it remains optional for all other dog owners.


These courses to obtain the dog license are real training courses, provided by Municipalities and Local Health Authorities.

There are currently two types of courses:

  • basic courses: these are courses divided into 5 2-hour sessions for a total of 10 hours in total, which address various topics: the well-being of the dog; canine ethology; behavioral analysis…

This type of course is provided to those who voluntarily decide to follow the lessons.

  • advanced courses: this type of course must be followed compulsorily by those who, based on the decision of a veterinary doctor, must obtain a license. This type of course delves deeper into the topics covered in the basic courses and also includes a final test to obtain the license.

It is not mandatory to carry the license with you. In the event of a request from the police, it is sufficient to issue a self-certification.

How to deal with an aggressive dog?

A dog that barks, growls and bites is to be considered an aggressive dog, which can put a strain on the owner and put those around him at risk.

The first thing to do when your dog starts to show aggressive attitudes is to try to identify the causes. Aggressive behavior on the part of your dog is generally due to feelings of anger or fear. It is therefore necessary to understand what the motivation is that drives the dog to behave aggressively. Among the most common causes: past trauma, poor socialization with other dogs or humans, lack of rules and communication.

The second thing to do is to try to avoid situations in which the dog becomes aggressive or prevent behaviors. If the dog tends to be aggressive in certain places, if possible, you should avoid frequenting them. If necessary, aggression must be limited through the use of a muzzle.

From the first manifestations of aggression it is important to contact an expert, who will be able to indicate the best path to follow to solve the problem!

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