Is a muzzle mandatory? pros and cons

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The muzzle is a device for the dog, the use of which is always much discussed.

What is it for? The muzzle is commonly used for dogs with aggressive behaviors, which tend to bite other dogs or people, but it is not the only possible use. For example, some owners decide to use a muzzle when the dog tends to put things found on the ground in its mouth or in case of wounds that should not be licked.

Is a muzzle mandatory?

Ideas on the legal provisions regarding the use and obligatory nature of the muzzle are often unclear.

From 2006 to 2009 , the Martini ordinance on the "Protection of public safety from dog aggression" established that some dog breeds were considered dangerous and were therefore required to wear a muzzle in public places.

In 2009 this ordinance was considered discriminatory, as it was considered wrong to choose the muzzle requirement based on race.

Despite this elimination of the muzzle requirement, the ordinance on public safety remains in force which provides that the owner of a dog is always responsible for the well-being, control and management of the animal and is liable, both civilly and criminally, for damages or injuries to people, animals or things caused by the animal itself.

The ordinance also underlines that for the purposes of preventing damage or injury to people, animals or things, the owner and keeper of a dog must carry with them a muzzle, rigid or soft, to be applied to the dog in case of risk for the safety of people or animals or at the request of the competent authorities.

It is therefore no longer necessary for the dog, of any breed, to always wear a muzzle, but for the owner to carry it with him in case of need.

Especially in certain places, such as public transport, the use of a muzzle may be required, for any breed of dog, which cannot be placed in the carrier.

In addition to the use of a muzzle if necessary, the law establishes the obligation to always use a leash, no longer than 1.50 m in length, when taking the dog outside, in urban areas and in places open to the public.

The only exception regarding muzzles is for guide dogs, due to their very important assistance function, they never have to wear a muzzle and can also access places prohibited to dogs.

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