Food for sterilized cats: how and what to choose

Cibo per gatti sterilizzati: come e cosa scegliere - Respet Shop
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To choose the best in terms of nutrition for our cat it is always important to take into consideration its characteristics and needs.

When sterilizing your cat, it is a good idea to evaluate the choice of food also on the basis of this aspect.

What you will most likely notice will be the increase in appetite and the increased sedentary nature of your cat, so it will be important not only to choose the most suitable foods, but also to decide on the correct doses and let him exercise.

Furthermore, neutered cats tend to have more delicate kidneys, which could lead to urinary tract problems, so it is essential that they follow a balanced diet.

At ResPet we pay a lot of attention to sterilized cats. Put it among the search filters and you will find all the foods most suitable for your furry friend. Try it now

We recommend that you ask your vet for guidance, who will be able to guide you in this new phase of your cat.

But don't worry, establishing the diet following sterilization will not be complicated, in fact, there are more and more specific foods for sterilized cats on the market to choose from.

The general indications for feeding your neutered cat are:

  • Reduced fat and carbohydrate content
  • High fiber content
  • High protein content

But let's see in detail what the recommended ingredients are.

Yes to all proteins such as beef, chicken, duck, but also tuna and salmon.

Fiber is absolutely essential, therefore, yes to all vegetables with a high fiber content, such as pumpkin and carrots.

This month, among our products for sterilized cats, we recommend N&D Pumpikin with quail and pomegranate.

Dry or wet food?

Dry food helps dental health and usually allows for more regular intestinal transit; wet food, on the other hand, increases hydration, which can be lacking in sterilized cats. The optimal solution may, therefore, be to mix the two types, correctly balancing the quantities.

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